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We guarantee to work tirelessly to find a way to reach every child, helping them to attain success.  Student success at tutoring is difficult to achieve without a team effort and without a number of factors falling into place.

The most important factor affecting a student's rate of progress is the student's willingness to be tutored.  Thus, we only enrol students who want to improve and who are willing to try.

Sometimes a student is sceptical about his or her ability to succeed, but is still willing to give tutoring a go.  At Aldon Tutoring Centres Manly West we can work with such students and build their self-belief through timely and relevant tutoring tasks at which they can succeed.  As confidence grows, the student begins to see him or herself as a learner and progress is made.

Beware of tutors or tutoring companies who 'say' or imply that success is assured and/or that it can be achieved in 'x' number of lessons.  Due to individual nature of learning, it is difficult and, indeed, impossible to guarantee a particular rate of learning.

At Aldon Tutoring Centres Manly West what we do say to our clients is ...

Invariably all students do succeed if they persist.  How long until independence is achieved is a very individual matter — for many it is a matter of months, for others it can take a year or more.  We aim to help each student reach independence as quickly as possible and we monitor the student's program on a session by session basis to ensure that it meets the student's unique and changing needs.  By taking this approach, tutoring and learning is most efficient.

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