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As children reach school age, many parents ask the question:  ‘Is my child ready for school?'  It is often very worrying for parents when a child once excited to attend school and eager to learn runs into difficulties and then struggles.  The eager anticipation of school can very quickly lose its shine when this happens.

Aldon Tutoring Centres Manly West uses both standardised and diagnostic testing to determine your child's readiness for school.  We remove any guess work so you can be confident of knowing where your child stands when you send them off to school.  Not only will you know your child's ability in key areas vital for success at school, but you will be given valuable information about how you can assist your child to become ready for school.

As a general rule, it is advisable that you investigate tutoring to help your child if, after commencing school, you find that he or she is struggling.  'A gut feeling' that something is not right should set alarm bells ringing.  Be aware that you as the parent are in the best position to know − in fact, you will often notice tell-tale signs long before the class teacher will notice.  Some signs to look for are a lack of interest in academic activities such as books or pen and paper activities, and/or a reluctance to go to school, inability to focus on school-type tasks such as reading.

Contact Aldon Tutoring Centres Manly West for advice or recommendations about expert professionals who can assist you in helping your child.  Also, see our section on Irlen Syndrome.


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