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Standardised tests and standard optometric techniques do not screen for Irlen Syndrome.  Irlen Syndrome is also known as Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome or light sensitivity.  Irlen Syndrome is a visual perceptual problem that prevents individuals from being able to learn, read or study efficiently.  Some symptoms include:

  • Light sensitivity
  • Problems with print
  • Reading accuracy
  • Reading comprehension
  • Reading avoidance
  • Slow, often word-by-word, reading
  • Concentration problems
  • Poor depth perception

Irlen Syndrome affects 12-14% of the general population including:

  • 46% of individuals with learning or reading difficulties
  • 33% of individuals with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, behaviour problems
  • individuals with autism, traumatic head injuries/acquired brain injuries (ABI)

Aldon Tutoring Centres Manly West is an accredited screener for Irlen Syndrome.  The good news is that the effects of Irlen Syndrome can be remedied relatively easily and cost effectively.  Children who have good communication skills can be screened as young as 7 years.  Diagnostic work leading to tinted lenses can also be arranged on request.


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