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Literacy skills [e.g. phonics, reading, writing (sentence structure, paragraphing, and appropriate text structures and language patterns), grammar, spelling and handwriting and general communication skills] are so important in all aspects of schooling, the workplace and everyday living.

At Aldon Tutoring Centres Manly West, uniquely individualised tutoring programs in literacy are developed for each student following detailed assessments of literacy skills.  Students are taught literacy skills using strategies that complement their learning style preferences. They graduate from tutoring with improved communication skills and confidence to tackle literacy tasks that might have been very daunting before.

Of course, general improvement in literacy assists students to succeed in all subject areas.  General tutoring will also assist students to perform at their best in Statewide and National tests such as NAPLAN.

Assignment Writing

Many students need help with specific tasks such as assignment writing or report writing.  Our tutors are highly skilled to teach these skills.  All aspects of structure and language are covered.  Other organisational skills, such as research techniques and planning a timelines for completing tasks, are an integral part of the content and skills taught in assignment writing.  (To avoid plagiarism, assignment writing is covered in general rather than focusing specifically on a student's set assignment task from school;  it has been found that covering assignment writing and organsiational skills generally is far more helpful to a student's independence and future success.)

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