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Numeracy skills (number, operations, measurement, space, chance and data) are so important for success in many aspects of schooling, the workplace and everyday living.

At Aldon Tutoring Centres Manly West, a uniquely individualised tutoring program in numeracy is developed for each student up to Year 10 following a detailed assessment of numeracy skills. Students are taught all areas of need using hands-on materials and individual tutoring. The overall result of tutoring is that students graduate from tutoring with improved numeracy skills and a greater love of mathematics.

Algebra help needed?

At Aldon Tutoring Centres Manly West, the mystery is taken out of algebra.  Students become confident with the language of algebra and learn to apply their knowledge and skills to a range of situations including problem solving.  Algebra tutoring begins with number and counting patterns in the early years of primary, but more formally from as early as Year 7 so that when students are introduced to formal algebra in Year 8, they feel confident from the outset.

Mathematics Problem Solving

Students learn two very practical mathematics problem solving models that will help them to solve both regular-type problems and investigative-type problems which they are likely to meet at school. Students are better able to approach problem solving more strategically and with greater confidence.

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