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Consistency and regularity of tutoring is a significant factor in the success of students attending tutoring. As experienced tutors and educators, we at Aldon Tutoring Centres Manly West know that students can drop back three to five months in their learning due to long breaks from school. Parents are strongly urged to organise tutoring over holiday or vacation breaks to help ensure that valuable learning and skills developed through the school or tutoring year are not forgotten.

Aldon Tutoring Centres Manly West conducts holiday tutoring by arrangement over school holiday periods. Holiday tutoring provides an excellent way for parents to keep their children’s minds active over holiday periods so that when their children do return to school, they ‘hit the ground running’.

If you would like to take advantage of holiday tutoring for your child, a pre-tutoring academic assessment will be arranged so that an appropriate program of tuition can be prepared that will meet the needs of your child. Many parents, whose children have attended holiday tutoring at Aldon Tutoring Centres, have found the experience so valuable and enjoyable for their children that they have enrolled their children in regular tutoring throughout the school year.

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