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This is a critical question and one we ask our new clients. These are the usual responses that we receive. For a more detailed description of what you can expect feel free to browse our Tutoring Success Stories.

  • I heard about you from an exisiting client
  • My child's teacher recommended you
  • An optometrist, speech pathologist or another professional recommended you
We have many loyal clients who have commented that they are happy with Aldon Tutoring Centres because:
  • Every student has a focused and individualised tutoring program — a program written specifically for them after a detailed pre-tutoring assessment
  • Aldon Tutoring Centres caters for my child's unique learning style
  • Your tutors are experts in their field.  I have learnt more about my child in one hour with you than in all my other educational assessments
  • Your programs are flexible enought to cater for my child's needs;  he or she can even nbring in school problems and be given the skills and knowledge needed to succeed
  • You listen to our needs and communicate regulalry and in a very personable way
  • My child just loves tutoring and looks forward to his or her lesson each week
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