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Duration: 5 hours presented in one day
Participants: The skills and concepts presented are most suited to secondary students
Cost: $100—includes GST, comprehensive workshop notes and light refreshments


Students are faced with assignments on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, many students have not fully mastered the art of assignment writing.  The Assignment Writing workshop covers all essential aspects of assignment writing including-from understanding the assignment question, researching relevant information, organising and putting ideas together in a relevant and cohesive manner, paragraphing, satisfying assignment criteria, to final presentation.

The Assignment Writing workshop presents a well-explained and modelled 16-point plan for completing assignment tasks.  Special emphasis is given to the persuasive argumentative essay (both its structure and language) as this is the main type of essay encountered at the secondary school level.  It can be used either 'as is' or adapted for use with a wide range of writing tasks.

Students will be guided step by step through the Assignment Writing process using well-explained models and detailed analysis of assignment examples.  They will practice writing introductory paragraphs, body paragraphs and concluding paragraphs as well as how to understand and use criteria grids for grading assignments.

On completion of the Assignment Writing workshop students will feel more confident to tackle writing tasks without the procrastination resulting from not knowing how to begin.  Students will learn how to plan a timeline to complete assignments in a timely manner without needless stress.  This will be a relief to many parents concerned about their child's approach to assignment writing.

This workshop will suit a broad range of students, in fact, anyone who needs to write an assignment or essay.  Students who have difficulty knowing where and how to begin an assignemnt task will find this workshop particularly invaluable.


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