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Duration:  5 hours presented in one day
Participants:  The skills and concepts presented are most suited to secondary students
Cost:  $121-includes GST, comprehensive workshop notes and light refreshments

In the Mathematics Problem Solving workshop, two very practical models for solving regular and open-investigation-type word problems are presented.  Students will meet a range of strategies and learn how and when to apply them to problems like those they are likely to meet at school and in Mathematics competitions and scholarship exams.  All models and strategies are presented and taught using clear easy-to-follow examples - even for beginning Year 8 students.

Students will acquire ten different strategies for problem solving.  These problem solving strategies are relevant to all levels of mathematics and include:

  • brainstorming,
  • diagramming information,
  • manipulating objects or acting out,
  • finding and using patterns,
  • tabulating information,
  • organising information into systematic lists, and
  • applying algebra to guess and check type problems.

Students will have opportunities to gain familiarity of the strategies through practice and discussion.

The Mathematics Problem Solving workshop aims to give students the knowledge and skills needed to approach mathematics word problems with confidence.  Even if your child professes that mathematics is not their favourite subject, it is almost certain they will love this workshop!


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it is possible to make alternative arrangements.
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