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At Aldon Tutoring Centres Manly West, we cater for students studying:

  • Mathematics Years 8-10
  • Primary Maths


Years 8-10 and primary mathematics and numeracy students work one-to-one with about three students to a tutor. They have the option of working on school topics and/or on pre-requisite skills/concepts needed to support their school learning.  The focus of all learning in mathematics is on the important areas that develop mathematical thinking, i.e.

  • Mathematics has its own language - knowledge and understanding of mathematical terms is essential for students to be able to communicate their ideas
  • Recognising that mathematics is composed of patterns and that from these patterns rules and strategies can be developed to make learning easier
  • Certain procedures must be used to justify answers and communicate how those answers were arrived at
  • Strategic thinking can make learning of mathematics less onerous
For secondary students, tutoring at Aldon Tutoring Centres Manly West directly complements and supports the key areas of school assessment, namely:
  • Knowledge and Procedures;
  • Communication and Justification; and
  • Modelling and Problem Solving.


The tutor works between the students, thus giving students the opportunity of developing independent learning skills that can be applied to the school setting.  Each student is working on his or her own topics.

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