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We receive many recommendations and testimonials from our clients.

Here are just some of the written testimonials we have received.

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Andreas Dagelet
Ultimate Performance Consulting

Stephen has just received his test results back from the end of last semester. He was told he had topped the Grade 11’s in Maths A. Unbelievable! That equates to 1st out of approximately 150 students, where he would have normally been somewhere in the middle.

Thank you very much for the time you spent with Stephen, he has obviously responded well to your instruction and is much more confident.

Peter Chalmers
Franchise Owner
Jim’s Pool Care (Cleveland)

When our son started at Aldon Tutoring at the beginning of the year he could barely read and got very upset and frustrated trying to do his reading from school each night.  Now he is a different child, he is picking up books, magazines and reading signs and at last can read the instructions for his play station games.  He has really grown in confidence and has gained many useful strategies to help him at school and in everyday life.  We are very grateful to the patient and skilled team at Aldon Tutoring Centres.

Rebecca Stewart
Alexandra Hills

My daughter was struggling greatly at school and we were advised by the school that we were expecting too much from her and that tutoring would only put undue stress on her, and that there was nothing that tutoring could do that she was not already getting from school.  Nervously we tried tutoring anyway, as we felt she could not get any worse than she was already doing without it.

After just one month, we started to notice a difference in her.  She started to have more confidence, she performed better in tests, and was much more willing to complete her school work and homework became much less of a chore.  She was happier and never once did she not want to attend tutoring.  Now after 1.5 terms of tutoring our daughter is a different girl, and everyone notices including the school.  The shell of a girl who commenced at tutoring is now happy and confident, a much more settled child.  Thanks Tony.

Sharon Lesic
Operations Manager
Brisbane to Bayside Commercial Services
Alexandra Hills

I have been associated with Aldon Tutoring Centres for the past three years. In that time my daughters and several of my pupils have attended Aldon Tutoring Centres.

My youngest daughter, who is currently in Year 4, has found that the supervising tutor has a caring approach to each of her pupils and creates a personalised atmosphere that helps the children feel at home. My daughter looks forward to the positive rewards and reinforcement of the concepts she has had difficulty understanding in the past. Her confidence in the areas of maths and reading has improved tremendously in just 6 months.

I would like to make special mention of the collaborative approach that these centres have with other professionals, classroom teachers and parents.

I will continue to use this tutoring service and commend them on their exceptional specialised expertise.

Kay Heidke
iSonic Website Design

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